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The Terra Region is Heavily forest with dense fields and rolling plains it is a paradise that nevertheless poses a challenge for most trainers.
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 Mayomi Takamini

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PostSubject: Mayomi Takamini   Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:44 am

Name: Mayomi T.K.
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Home town: Dodge City
Hair color Black
Eye color Forest green
Height: 5,8
Weight: 112 lbs
Badges: none
Back story: Mayomi is a bright child with a bright future. She never really had many friends she'd associate with and was always a very strange person. Mayomi's mother was a gym leader, and her father was a traveler, along side with her older brother. Because of this, Mayomi never really spent any time together with her family. Feeling empty in her life,
Mayomi decided to become a pokemon trainer. However, her plans to become one was that different of said "ordinary" trainers. Mayomi did not want to start off with a started pokemon that was already caught and put in a pokeball ready for any trainer to come along and claim it. She wanted to befriend a wild pokemon and start from there.
Yes, itis very dangerous to leave town in the wild in search of a pokemn when you're no already handling a starter pokemon to train with and prtoect you. Why just the thought of leaving town with just a pokedex, a bookbag, and some pokeballs seemed to be idiotic!! But that's not the case with Mayom. She had always had this natural gift to understand pokemon, and has never met a pokemon that didnt quite like her. That, however, changed the day she stumbled upon a Sneasel.
She meet this Sneasel out in the mddle of a forest.
At first when they meet, Sneasel rejected Mayomi several times in her efforts of becoming friends. But as pre-determinedas she was, sekept coming back to that same spot, where it would clearly always be. She'd brought it many different things back from home. After all, she had nowhere else to go at the time. Mayomi felt like she ws still making progress with it, Yet Sneasel still rejected her. Until one insedent that would be unforgetable for the rest of its life.
While making her usual daily visit to Sneasel, when she arrived to the spot, only to find that Sneasel was not alone. Some group of idiotic thugs were there aswell. Clearly they weren't very nice. They began to sumon their pokemon, having them all battle Sneasel. Clearly out numbered 1 to 3, Sneasel's fate seemed to be sealed. it fought bravley against the thugish pokemon, but still could not keep for the fact it was out numbered. Soon Sneasel was growing tired and exhausted. Then colapsed.
When Mayomi saw Sneasel keel over, her mind was set only on protecting it. She ran to it, and with no hesitation, guarded Sneasel. *Big battle
Finaly waking up, Sneasel lifted its head from what it to be the ground it fell on, only it wasn't. It found itself back up against the three. Bandagedup, and its wounds healed. Looking around confused as to what happened, he noticed Mayomi resting beside it. She was badly brused and her clothes were pretty much ruined. Sneasel couldn't belive what it was seeing. "A human, the very beings that try and cerupt the lives of others, protected me?"
That was the first time Sneasel had ever trusted anyone.
~That's when they became partners~
*Month later of trainig and trust build, Sneasel evovled into Weavile.
Now their real jorney begins...


Nickname: Wayne
Met: In the forest
Item: none
Ability: Inner focus 2. Keen eye
Type: Ice/dark
Level: 25
Move list:
Shadow ball
focus punch
Aerial ace
Double team
Hidden power
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Mayomi Takamini
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