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The Terra Region is Heavily forest with dense fields and rolling plains it is a paradise that nevertheless poses a challenge for most trainers.
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 Leaving home (Thy journey begins)

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PostSubject: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 6:11 am

Weavile/Wayne: Come on you stupid girl! WAKE UP!!

Seemingly presistant to wake Mayomi from her "hibernation" Weavile continously scratched her face. The more she slept, the angrier he got and he scratched harder everytime! Finaly, after about 34 scratches to the face, Mayomi flung up from her bed in pain.


Weavile....we weavile
Weavile/Wayne: It's the afternoon.....you overslept. AGAIN!!

Mayomi looked at Weavile with a blank face, then turner to her clock on her dresser next to the bed. 12:00 o'clock
Mayomi turned back to face Weavile, who still was ticked off at the fact she overslept. She gave him a dirty look. Weavile's face then went in a confused look. Mayomi glared at him, clearly mad that she was waken a bit too eairly from her usual time. (1:30pm)

It's only 12:00 o'clock!! It's still morning!

Weavile/Wayne: NO!! It's the afternoon and right now we should outside training!!

Well it's miornin' to me!

And with that, Mayomi flung the covers over her head and went back to sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:26 pm

~{The rest of these post are all told by first person[Wayne's point of view]}~


Weavile/Wayne: Finaly,after wasting an hour and 30 minutes of our training time, that idiot of a renound trainer,which I some what have no idea how we even ended up being partners in the first place, woke up. She got up from her bed slowly and made her way to the bathroom. She moving really slow, making me even more ticked off. "Could you move any slower than you already are?!" I thought to myself. But of course, she payed no mind to me.
After taking her presious time in the bathroom, she came out all enthusiastic as ever.

Alright then Weavile, shall we go and begin our daily training?
Mayomi yelled at the top of her lungs in pain and anger. I wasn't very pleased with her laziness and gave her a good scratch to show my disapproval. She looked at me angrily, but of course new why I did that. So she simply rubbed her face and forgot the whole thing. With that I jumped on her shoulder and we bolted out of her door.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:38 pm

Weavile/Wayne:We made our way quickly down the stairs and were making a great dash to the front door. Then......she tripped Mad
She fell flat on her face and slid straight into the kitchen. It was like some sled ride for me. When she finaly came to a hault, I shook my head and jumped off of her.

I'm ok...mostly.

Didn't I tell you about runing down the stairs. As a matter of fact I said no running in the house.

That women thatseems to always be in this house as well was pearing over at Mayomi and I from the table. I never was associated with anyone other than Mayomi, so I did not know who or what relationship she shared with the other people or pokemon she came across daily. The women shook her head as Mayomi lifted her's with an idiotic look on her face.

Sorry mom, I'll try to remember that next time. I promis you, hehe.

How stupid
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:59 pm

Weavile/Wayne:The women got up from the table and came over to help her up. I don't see the point in doing that. She'll end up back on her face again anyways. But perhaps I was beng a tad negative. What do I care!! Lost in my train of thought, I hadn't realized Mayomi and the woman talking

You know your father and brother are coming home today, right?
Huh? W-what, they are!?
Their going to spend the day here, so why notgive tham a warm welcome?
YES!! This is PERFECT!! Not only can I see dad agin but also I can rub in my new pokemon in Ron's face when he gets here!! HAHAHA!! And he said I'd never catch a pokemon!
Of course...

"ENOUGH OF THESE STUPID THOUGHTS!" I said to my self. I was now wastng the time we could be spending training. After all I hadn't yet been able to quite focus enough power into my shadowball. Looking over, I could see Mayomi and the woman talking. I neede their Mayomi's attention, so I gave her a good focus punch to the side of her head. I must have hit her too hard, because when he fell to the ground, she looked knocked out. "Huh, well at least I know my focus punch has improved"

Hehe, seems as though Weavile dosen't quite like your attitude with the idea of showing him off to your older brother. That's ok Weavile, she's always been like with her brother.

The woman looked over to me and smile. "Huh?" I rather confused
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:16 pm

Weavile/Wayne:Well, after a good minute, Mayomi got up and gave me another dirty look. I really hate that look. It makes me feel like the bad guy. She got up from the floor, rubbing her head.

Alright already, let's go outside and work on that shadowball of yours before you give me a concusion. We'll be in back before dinner, ok mom.

Your father should be arriving at anytime now. Why don't you wait for him here and greet them first?

Well it looks like Wavile's not in the mood to wait.Sorry but I really don't wanna take another focus puch to the head.

*sigh alright then

The woman looked at Mayomi, disapointed that she would no stay. Then turned and went back to the table. I got back on Mayomi's sholder and we made our way to the screen door.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:44 pm

Weavile/Wayne: When she opened the screen door, we came face to face with a pokemon. It was Houndoom. It looked rather calm, and didnt seem like it was going to attack. Until it spoted me, resting on Mayomi's shoulder. That's whenit gave me a quick glare. "What are you looking at?'' I snpped.

Nothing but ugly, hehe!

Outragged at the words Houndoom spoke, I plunged at the ground in front of it and faced it. "What was that?!" I growled. I'm not about t take that from some stupid mutt!!"


With that, we both were glaring each other down ready to engage in a battle. Then we were stopped by the sound of a person's voice. I could see a boy running toward the house, motioning the Houndoom to come back him. That must have been it trainer. Houndoom turned and went to the boy.

We're not done here yet, halfpint
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:09 pm

Weavile/Wayne:"Hmmp!!" I turned away and pouted. Then looked up at Mayomi, who was strangly smirking. She was facing the boy and te Houndoom. "Who are these guys?'' And what's so funny?!!"

Heya Ron!! Looks like your Houndoom's met my Weavile. Pretty cool, eh?

"Huh!?" You know who they are?!" What was the relationship between these two, and what was his perpose for being here? I was growing even more confused. At this point, I jumped at Mayomi, scratching her face. "I DEMAND TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON!''


*Laughs out loud Heh, or really. Pretty lame to me. That's pretty embarassing , with your pokemon attacking you n' all. *Laughs out loud

Soon the Houndoom joined the boy and they laughed at us from afar. Who do these people thing they're dealing with here? Just then, a man was slowly making his way to the house. He waved his arm n the air and smiled.

Hey dad!! Hey come look at my Weavile!!

Hey there kido!! Hows your mother? Oh and you caught a Weavile? Let me have a look see.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:22 pm

I had never been more confused like this before. Then, suddenly, I found my self lifted into the air. I turned to see it was Mayomi. "HEY!!" I struggled trying to get her put me down, but it she soon placed me on her shoulder. Pointless. I ws going to get back up there myself. I needed no help. I gave her MY dirty look, but she ignored me and ran toward the man and boy. She smiled at the man when she reached them. I wasnt to sure of this man, neither did I like the boy or his obnoxis Houndoom. "Just the sight of them ticks me off" How negative

Well let's see here. Hmm, Im impressed. Your Weavile looks quite strong and at the same time very agile. Very nice work. Hehe, hey there!! Glad you made friends with my daughter. Don't be hard on her now hehe.

Dad.....Rolling Eyes

They both then laughed. This is growing just a bit too strange for me. After the man finished "examening" me, he walk towards the screen door. The woman in the house was there to greet him. They talk for a moment and then went inside. "Does the woman know the man too? Hmmm, this has become qite annoying. I turned back aroud and noticed the boy still there with his Houndoom. They gave us this glare and then the boy cuckled.

Wow Im so surprised you managed to catch a pokemon. But still a pretty lame one at that. That Weavile wouldn't last 3 seconds with my Houndom!

Are you saying Wayne's weak!?

WAYNE!!? YOU NICKNAMED IT WAYNE!? HA! HA! HA! Now tha's what I call lame. That's such a stupid nickname. Not at al like like Thrasher. HA!

The boy was getting a cocky tone in his voice. "Is he implying that Im week?" I muttered to myself. Then he's clearly never seen true power before." I jumped from Mayomi's shoulder. ''I accept your challange!" I was ready to fight. The only question was is Mayomi.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:45 pm

Weavile/Wayne: Mayomi looked at the boy angered and annoyed. Then focused her attention to me. "Well then are you just going to stand there tan let them talk trash to us?'' I asked. "Or are we going to fight and show them what true power is?!" Mayomi looked at me, then sighed. I lowered my stance and looked at her as she turned away. "What?"Don't turn your back on this!! Come back and let's fight these ignorant fools! I know you can understand me!! So stop pretending and get over here!!" She shook her head.

Weavile, there's no point. Really, I've never won a pokemon battle, let alone done a pokemon battle before. My brother's been battling since my age and he's 17 now. I can't fight him!! You've never seen what his pokemon can do a frankly, I don't ever want you to, ok. Now let's drop it and go.

You might as well halfpint. The girl knows what she's talkin' about. I suggest you just go back with her instide the house, curl up into a ball, and dream you were as good as I was. You can't beat me even if you tried. So scram!!

That Houndom was starting to get on my nerves. I was not about to be told something I cant do. "FINE!" If you dn't want to fight then I will alone!! I dont need you to tell me when and who to fight! I can mange on my own with out you!! I cant belive i ever became prtners with you!!" With that I turned away from her and lunged at the Houndoom

Hehe, so ya' wanna fight then after all eh? Houndoom, FLAME THROWER!!
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving home (Thy journey begins)   

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Leaving home (Thy journey begins)
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