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The Terra Region is Heavily forest with dense fields and rolling plains it is a paradise that nevertheless poses a challenge for most trainers.
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 Juliet Zhang

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PostSubject: Juliet Zhang   Thu Jun 25, 2009 1:17 pm

Name: Juliet Zhang

Age: 17

Eye Color: Light Green

Hair Color: Red

Height: 5"6

Weight: 120

Hometown: Cluna Town

Badges: None

Background/History: Juliet had a rough childhood growing up her father and older brother were murdered when she was ten and her mother was put into acoma forcing Nao to raise money to pay for her mother's medical bills and keep her living. She had to steal to get by and many other things she was not proud of one fateful night on her fourteenth birthday members of Team Tranqua attacked and tried to rob her but, a Gallade rescued her and fought off the grunts pokemon. From that day forward she fostered a bond with Gallade and also a telepathic bond. Gallade was her only friend and comforted her when she was lonely. Her rough childhood made her rather hateful and she seeks revenge on Team Tranqua for killing her brother and father and putting her mother into acoma. She vowed to show them no mercy. Team Tranqua will learn to fear Juliet Zhang. Juliet is ruthless in battle when her life is threatened her loyal Gallade is just as ruthless if he senses his trainer is in any danger. Juliet takes time to visit her mother daily praying she would one day wake up and remember her.

Personality: Juliet is very quick to anger and prone to throw tantrums. She is also very seductive and uses he
r wiles to psyche out opponents. But inside she is a sad and lonely girl who just wants her mother back she just masks it by acting tough. Juliet also loves to play guitar and is rarely seen without one. Juliet is often very blunt and gets straight down to business in a battle. Juliet despite her often rough exterior is very kind and compassionate to her Pokemon.

Unique Traits: Juliet can understand any Pokemon and speak to them telepathically, allowing her to foster a much closer bond with them.


Name: Gallade
Lvl: 20
Type: Psychic/ Fighting
Species: Blade Pokemon
Nickname: None
Ability: Steadfast
Item: None
Move List:
Night Slash
Leaf Blade
Double Team

Fury Cutter
Swords Dance
Brick Break
Focus Punch

Focus Blast
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Juliet Zhang
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