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The Terra Region is Heavily forest with dense fields and rolling plains it is a paradise that nevertheless poses a challenge for most trainers.
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 Big Role Play Idea: Vampire Among

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PostSubject: Big Role Play Idea: Vampire Among   Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:57 pm

Sense this site does not have an OOC section, I'll stick this here.

Basicly, for now this is an idea for a large scale rp, or maybe a book and movie deal..anyways, for now it will take the form of an rp, anyone that wishes to descrbe themsevles as fully as they can when the character appears. Anyways, go nuts as long as it stays within the story's beivlablity, and as for now, Only Vampires and Humans...Without further adui..Welcome...to Vampires Among

The Fire crackles gently in the background, an old wisen man sits in an easy chair three boys and two girls sit as his feet. he breaths in, hos whoele frame seeming to shutter. "So..you all want a vampire story?" The children nod excitedly. "well....Let see..." he breaths for a few minites, his eyes closed. "..how bout a real one?" The children look confused. "You do not beilve me, do you?..yes...a man old as I still beilves in the 'fantasy" of vampires.. he chuckles, hss body creaking. "But you know...they are real...they always have been..." He reachs up onto the nearby bookshelf and bring down a single book. "Humans started to notice the world of Vampires back when the orginal Dracula was writen, it was a bold move in a world that the vampire lay hidden. Many took the book as a story and nothing more....a few...took it as what it truely was...a way to tell the masses the secert to destorying vampires.." he opens the book. "..Silver bullets to stun it....Wooden stake to trap it......Holy Water to destroy it.....garlic to keep them at bay...." he closes the book. "The rest was rubish made from it's time....." he set the book aside. One of the small boys frown.
"But they aren't real..." he says "they are jsut myths like mom and dad tell us..." the old man smiles.
"that means that the vampires have covered their tracks well...they are now hidden by most humans as "myths" He looks into the fire."...they are no jsut characters in your video games or friends in your movies...with every movie that is put out, it distrots what they truly are...." He breaths in, an odl flame glowing in his eyes. "Their weakness is now nearly forgotten....and many of their other weaknesses are disappearng as they contuie...." he sits on. "You do know what a vampire truly is?..don't you children?" The children nod, seeming unsure of themselves.
"Vampires are undead, only a few ways can kill a Vampire, they renders them nearly imortal....but these weaknesses kept them in check in the old work. They could never cross water unless in their coffin..they could no enter a place unless invited in...." He smiles, picking up the book again and placeing it in his lap. "...but these...are not the old times....They are human like us at one point or another....So many human tricks work with them...as long as they have a piece of their orginal coffin, they could fly around the world....as long as they themselves beilve they are invited in..they may enter any place in the world...." His hand patting the book. "and sense they were like humans....they adapt...." the old man looks into the fires. "They take their centurys of knowledge and uses it as if they were helping, playing as docters, lawyers, family people...." he sighs. "..it has gotten harder and harder to find them as well....they are nearly imrotal..nthing s out of their grasp. They can run a compnay into bankrucy and still live to make millions.....they remake their images again and again to hide their secert...." he sighs. "I know I may be scaruing you kids.....but you shoudl be warned before it is too late...." he looks out the window, it ahd started storming. "Hunters still look for them...but there will never be enough like in the old days.....but I belive...that you children were gorn near a cross road.....For with all the vampires in the world now.....will they take as cattle as many of the vmapire think.....or Keep us as humans..letting us think they are safe while hide...." he sighs. " Only time will tell.....I lived though World War 2 and as a Vampire Hunter....soon..we will see if humans can surive World War V....." thunder crashes. The old man looks sternly out into the night. "...They are coming.....and in the end.....they may be the Master..jsut as Humans had been so many many years ago......." Thunder crashes again, eliminating the city below them
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PostSubject: Re: Big Role Play Idea: Vampire Among   Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:59 pm

(one last thing, OoC Comments posted in these " ( ) " Keep them miniula to each post...and do speak up if you want to make this a large scale forum thing

Have fun!)
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Big Role Play Idea: Vampire Among
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