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The Terra Region is Heavily forest with dense fields and rolling plains it is a paradise that nevertheless poses a challenge for most trainers.
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 Memories from the past

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PostSubject: Memories from the past   Mon May 10, 2010 12:29 am

Dragonite lands on the grassy ground outside of Warf Town. Mikani slides off of Dragonite's back slowly and places her feet on the ground. She stretches her arms above her head, causing her crimson red tank top to rise up a little. As she lowers her arms she fixes her tank top. She brushes off her black fluffy mini skirt as she looks at Dragonite and says, "I haven't been here since I was a little girl."

Mikani, an eight year old girl in a white dress covered in dirty and blood, is holding her right lower arm tightly as blood runs down her arm and through her fingers. Her long black hair and red bangs has clumps of mud tangled in various places of her hair. Lance, the red haired Dragon Master that of took care her when her parents were away, is talking to an old lady dressed in a black and grey dress. His eyes shift toward Mikani every few seconds. After a few minutes the old lady walks over to Mikani. She grabs a hold of the little girl's injured arm and pours cold water to clean the blood away to look at the wound better. Mikani shuts her eyes tightly as pain surges through her arm from the cold water touching the fresh wound. She lets out a small yelp of pain as the old woman closely examines the wound. After what seemed like minutes of her arm moving in all different directions had passed she opens her turquoise eyes to see the old lady looking into them. The old lady says in a low voice, "Listen now young pup. Some things that cannot be seen can be found by instinct. Your instinct will become a great friend to you in the future. Use it wisely and you will uncover many hidden secrets." The old lady lets go of Mikani's arm as Lance walks toward them. The old lady leaves as Lance picks Mikani up into his arms and says, "Go to sleep little one. You will find you home once again soon."

Mikani looks at Dragonite as she holds her pokeball and says, "You have always been there for me Dragonite. You deserve this rest." A white light surrounds Dragonite as she nods her head and pulls her swiftly into her pokeball. She hooks Dragonite's pokeball back onto her chocker and reaches toward her belt for another pokeball. She unhooks it and tosses it into the air. As the white light disappears it reveals a Rapidash. Rapidash pounds her front right hoof into the ground as she tosses her head from side to side. Mikani looks at her and says, "I know you’re happy to be out. How about we go for a run?" Rapidash neighs happily and prance over to Mikani. Mikani jumps up onto Rapidash's back, one leg on each side, and pats her neck. She suddenly grabs her right arm as a burning like pain surges through it fiercely. Mikani grabs Rapidash's mane with her right arm as she is tightly clenching the area of her arm where the scar is with her left arm. "We have to hurry girl. I don't know how much longer I can stand this" Rapidash neighs in response and digs her back hooves into the ground as she bolts straight into a dead fast run towards Kirribur Town.
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Memories from the past
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