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The Terra Region is Heavily forest with dense fields and rolling plains it is a paradise that nevertheless poses a challenge for most trainers.
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 Dodge City Gym Rules and Challenge Thread.

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PostSubject: Dodge City Gym Rules and Challenge Thread.   Sun May 24, 2009 4:16 pm

Howdy. I am the Sherr.....I mean Gym leader of Dodge City. I am James A. Johnson, but please call me Jag. I'm here to tell you teh rules in these here parts.
1. Cussing is to be kept to a minimum, Can't let the children get tooo many bad habbits.
2. Battles are to be in a gym unless the gym is full.
3. All are welcome, but be careful. i won't go down without a fight.
4. All Challenges must be formally sent with the template at the bottom
5. Have fun.
6. No god modding

I reserve the right to decline.

# of Pokemon?
Number of Badges already?
Have you followed the rules?
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Dodge City Gym Rules and Challenge Thread.
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