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 In Battle Guide

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PostSubject: In Battle Guide   Tue May 26, 2009 4:29 pm

Currently we do not have a good capture method. We are trusting you all to weaken then capture your pokemon fairly! This goes for EXP as well. I mind you there will be people watching you!

A Battle is Broken down into Five Sections

Fainting Blow

This is the Begging of the battle To Determine who goes First you Get a Ref To Decide. Then You each Throw out one of your pokemon.
(In Case of Tie Edit your Post and Roll Again)

In Battle you go back and forth each post consisting of 2-3 Moves, your goal is to gain the ability to engage in the Fainting Blow, and to make sure your opponent does not gain said ability. Your Possible Moves are Attack Moves, Set Up Moves, Or Defend Moves, Use them in a way that will help you get closer to the Fainting Blow Stage.

Fainting Blow:
In the case you gain a Fainting Blow, The Ref will Decide if the attack was worthy of Fainting. If the Ref Declares the Pokemon Defeated then that is how it is.

Switch Pokemon:
When your Pokemon is knocked out, the battle is either over and you move on to the next phaze, or you throw out another Pokemon.
(If you have no Pokemon Left Skip this stage)

Once All Opponent, or Your Pokemon in the Battle Have been Defeated, The Winner is declared and he gains The Exp of the Match for his Pokemon. Where he will Distribute it to his Pokemon.

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PostSubject: Re: In Battle Guide   Fri May 29, 2009 5:13 pm

Non-volatile status

Non-volatile status
ailments are status ailments that will remain until a Pokémon is healed
at a Pokémon Center, or a specific curative item is used. A Pokémon
inflicted with a non-volatile status will still be affected after being
pulled out of battle (unless they have the Natural Cure ability), and
after a battle is over. It is only possible for a Pokémon to be
afflicted by one of these at a time.

The burn
condition reduces a Pokémon's Attack power by half. Additionally, at
the end of a turn, the Pokémon loses Health. Fire-type Pokémon and
Pokémon with the Water Veil ability cannot be burned. All moves which
can cause burn are Fire-type except for Tri Attack and Fling when the
Flame Orb is held.

The freeze condition causes a
Pokémon to be unable to make a move. Most Fire-type moves used on a
frozen Pokémon will remove the freeze status. As of Generation II,
freeze has a random, ~10% chance to be cured on its own on the frozen
Pokémon's turn. Because of this, the frozen Pokémon may thaw out on the
very turn of freezing, however, in Generation I, a frozen Pokémon never
thaws. Contrary to popular belief, sunny weather does not cause a
quicker thawing, but it can prevent a Pokémon from freezing in the
first place.

Ice-type Pokémon cannot be frozen by Ice-type moves
except in Generation I; however, they can be frozen by Tri Attack. A
frozen Pokémon can still use the moves Flame Wheel and Sacred Fire;
when used while frozen, these moves will thaw the user, thaw the
opponent if possible, and deal damage to the opponent. All moves which
cause freezing are Ice-type except Tri Attack. It is also the only
Non-volatile status which has no attack that will freeze the opponent
directly. Also, there is no move that has more than a 10% chance of

A frozen Sky Forme Shaymin will revert to its Land Forme.

Pokémon inflicted with paralysis will be unable to attack ("fully
paralyzed") a quarter of the time. Additionally, its Speed is reduced
to 25% of its previous value. Many moves that cause paralysis are of
the Electric type.

A poisoned Pokémon loses 1/8 of
its maximum hit points every turn (in Generation I, it loses 1/16).
Poison-type Pokémon cannot be poisoned. Steel-type Pokémon cannot be
poisoned in Generation III and beyond (in Generation II, Poison-type
moves can't affect Steel-types, but they can otherwise be poisoned by

A poisoned Pokémon also loses 1 hit point for every
four steps taken while not in battle. In Generation IV, a Pokémon whose
HP is reduced to 1 via poison outside of battle will have the poison
status removed. All moves that can poison are of the Poison-type except
Twineedle and Secret Power.

Badly poisoned
The status
ailment caused by Toxic and Poison Fang, as well as by Toxic Spikes
after it is used twice, is the same as Poison except its damage begins
at 1/16 and grows an additional 1/16 every turn, taking 2/16 max hit
points the second turn, then 3/16 the third turn, and 4/16 the fourth,
and so on. In Generation I and Generation II, switching a Pokémon out
of active battle would change the badly poisoned condition to normal
poison. In Generation III and beyond, the "badly poisoned" effect will
remain even after switching a Pokémon out of battle and back in, but
the damage counter will be reset. After a battle is over, the "badly
poisoned" status will become a normal poison. All moves which can badly
poison are of the Poison-type.

A Pokémon that is
asleep is unable to use any moves (in a situation almost identical to
the Freeze condition), except for two special moves which may be used
while asleep (Snore and Sleep Talk). Sleep lasts for a randomly chosen
duration of 1 to 7 turns (1 to 3 in Stadium). Sleep may be self-induced
for 3 turns (inclusive of the initial turn) using the move Rest, which
will remove any other non-volatile status ailment. There are currently
no moves that cause sleep as well as damage, though Secret Power is
capable of doing so if it is used in long grass.
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PostSubject: Re: In Battle Guide   Fri May 29, 2009 5:15 pm

Volatile status

A volatile status will wear off when a Pokémon is taken out of
battle or a battle is over. Many of these will also wear off after a
number of turns pass. All of these conditions may be passed to another
Pokémon by using Baton Pass unless stated otherwise.


A Pokémon that is attracted to its foe cannot attack it 50% of the time. A Pokémon can only successfully use Attract
on opponents of the opposite gender; genderless Pokémon are both immune
to this condition and unable to inflict it on others. Pokémon with the Oblivious
ability are also immune to this. Attract status cannot be passed with
Baton Pass. Attraction will end as soon as the Pokémon that used it or
the Pokémon that it is used on leaves the battle.


A Pokémon will hurt itself in its confusion 50% of the time. The
damage is done as if the Pokémon attacked itself with a 40-power
typeless attack.
Confusion wears off after 1-4 attacking turns. This means that turns recharging, such as after using Hyper Beam, and turns unable to attack, such as from paralysis, will not lower the remaining number of turns of confusion. However, a sleeping Pokémon may hurt itself in confusion if using a move such as Snore or Sleep Talk.
Multi-turn attacks such as Fly and Dive require that confusion be checked both turns, further reducing the chance of successful attack. Pokémon with the Own Tempo ability are also immune to moves that cause confusion.
Confusion is transferred by Baton Pass.


If a Ghost-type Pokémon uses Curse,
the Pokémon it is used on loses 1/4 its maximum hit points every turn,
and the user immediately loses half of their hit points in exchange. If any non-Ghost type Pokémon uses Curse, their Attack and Defense go up one stage, and their Speed drops one stage. If the victim of a Ghost-type Curse uses Baton Pass,
the health-sapping effect is transferred to its replacement. If a
Pokémon that has been afflicted by curse is switched out of battle, the
effect is lifted.


The flinch status is a one-turn status that prevents a Pokémon from
attacking. A Pokémon can only be flinched if the opponent attacks
first. Pokémon with the Inner Focus ability are also immune to this. Most moves that cause flinching are physical moves.
It is known as cringing in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

Foresight/Odor Sleuth/Miracle Eye

The opponent's evasion modification will not affect the accuracy of a Pokémon that uses Foresight, Odor Sleuth, or Miracle Eye. In addition, a Normal- or Fighting-type move used by a Pokémon that has used Foresight or Odor Sleuth will affect Ghost-type Pokémon, and Psychic-type moves used by a Pokémon that has used Miracle Eye will affect Dark-type Pokémon.

Leech Seed

Each turn, a Pokémon hit by Leech Seed loses 1/8 (1/16 in Generation I) of its maximum hit points. The opponent is healed by the same amount. Grass-type Pokémon are immune to Leech Seed. If a Pokémon affected by Leech Seed uses Baton Pass,
Leech Seed is transferred to its replacement, even if it is a
Grass-type. Even if the affected Pokémon switches again within the
battle, if sent out again, the effects still remain. If the user of
Leech Seed switches out, the health granted by the affect is applied to
the new replacement. There is no requirement for the Pokémon to use the
move again, or even to know it.

Mind Reader/Lock-On

When a Pokémon uses Mind Reader or Lock-On,
the next damage-dealing move will hit the opponent without fail, even
if the opponent uses a move that offers a turn of invulnerability, such
as Fly. This effect can be Baton Passed.


only affects a sleeping Pokémon. The sleeping Pokémon loses 1/4 of its
maximum hit points every turn. If the sleeping Pokémon awakens, then
the nightmare will no longer be in effect. If Baton Pass switches out a
Pokémon that is not asleep, then the nightmare will no longer be in

Perish Song

After three turns, all Pokémon who heard the Perish Song will faint, excluding Pokémon with the Soundproof ability. Any Pokémon who heard it can avoid the effect of fainting if it is switched out before the 3-turn count finishes. Baton Pass transfers the Perish Song countdown.


prevents the Pokémon from using any non-damaging moves. This effect
will wear off after two to four turns, or if one switches out. Pokémon
using Substitute can still be afflicted with this status ailment.


renders the Pokémon incapable of using the same move twice in a row. If
the Pokémon is holding a Choice item, it is forced to use Struggle every other turn.
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PostSubject: Re: In Battle Guide   Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:03 pm

This thread is to clear the air on specific moves
used by pokemon that remove them from a certain point of the field,
such as fly.



1/4 the user's max HP to create a Substitute that takes damage and
blocks non-damaging moves until it's broken or the user switches. If
Substitute "blocks" something, it means that if a Substitute is up,
whatever is blocked will fail if targeted at the Pokémon behind the
Substitute. Unless specifically noted, all moves work normally when
used by a Pokémon that has a Substitute up.

Substitute blocks
all status effects. Synchronize can still inflict status on a
Substituted Pokémon. Doom Desire and Future Sight do damage to the
Substitute. All other end-of-turn damage is done to the Pokémon, not
the Substitute. Substitute blocks flinching.

Substitute blocks
Acupressure, Block, Ghost's Curse, Dream Eater, Embargo, Gastro Acid,
Grudge, Heal Block, Leech Seed, Lock-On, Mean Look, Mimic, Mind Reader,
Nightmare, Pain Split, Psycho Shift, Spider Web, Sketch, Switcheroo,
Trick, Worry Seed, and Yawn.

If Yawn is used on a Pokémon who then uses Substitute, however, it will still go to sleep.

does not block Attract, Destiny Bond, Disable, Encore, Foresight, Guard
Swap, Haze, Heart Swap, Imprison, Miracle Eye, Odor Sleuth, Perish
Song, Power Swap, Psych Up, Roar, Role Play, Skill Swap, Spite, Taunt,
Torment, Transform, or Whirlwind.

Electric-type moves (including
Thunder Wave) used against a Pokémon with Volt Absorb and Substitute up
will heal the Pokémon behind the Substitute. The same is true for Flash
Fire, Motor Drive, and Water Absorb when the Pokémon behind the
Substitute is targeted with the appropriate type of attack. Will-O-Wisp
activates Flash Fire through a Substitute. Present damages the
Substitute if it rolls damage, but heals the Pokémon if it rolls

Rage does not boost Attack when a Substitute is hit.

If a Pokémon has a Substitute up and switches or U-turns out, the Substitute will take the damage from Pursuit.

Moves that leech damage still leech when used on a Substitute.

If a multi-hit move breaks the Substitute, successive hits will damage the Pokémon that was formerly behind the Substitute.

Baton Passed, Substitute keeps its HP but uses the types and defenses
of the new Pokémon. The Substitute does not take damage from Spikes or
Stealth Rock; the Pokémon receiving the Substitute does. Baton Passing
a Substitute prevents Toxic Spikes from Poisoning the recipient.

moves (Bind, Clamp, Fire Spin, Magma Storm, Sand Tomb, Whirlpool, and
Wrap) do their single-hit damage, but do not do any end-of-turn damage,
nor do they trap for 2-5 turns.

Damage due to a Pokémon hitting
itself in its confusion goes straight to the Pokémon, not to the
Substitute. Recoil goes to the user, not the Substitute. Substitute
blocks both the stat boost and the confusion of Flatter and Swagger.

cannot Counter, Metal Burst, or Mirror Coat damage done to Substitutes.
Pokémon cannot store energy via Bide with damage done to a Substitute.
Pokémon can reflect moves with Magic Coat while behind a Substitute,
even if the move would fail on the Substitute. Avalanche and Revenge
are not boosted if the Substitute takes damage but the Pokémon does not.

Orb's 10% max HP recoil does not activate when attacking a Substitute,
but the 30% damage boost does. Enigma Berry, Jaboca Berry, and Rowap
Berry do not activate on a Substituted Pokémon. Confusion-inducing
berries heal, but do not induce confusion on a Substituted Pokémon.

does damage based on the HP of the Pokémon behind the Substitute, not
the remaining HP of the Substitute. Super Fang does damage based on the
Pokémon's HP, not the Substitute's. False Swipe can break Substitutes.

blocks the item-removing aspect of Knock Off. Substitute does not block
the secondary effects of Rapid Spin. Smellingsalt does not get double
power against, nor does it cure the paralysis of a paralyzed Pokémon
behind a Substitute. Wake-up Slap does not get double power against,
nor does it cure the sleep of a sleeping Pokémon behind a Substitute.

Substitute blocks Intimidate, but aside from that, all abilities ignore Substitute completely.



is made invulnerable for one turn, then hits the next turn. Sky
Uppercut and Thunder have regular accuracy and base power against a
Pokémon in the middle of Fly. The base power of Gust and Twister
doubles against a Pokémon in the charge up stage of Fly.



is made invulnerable for one turn, then hits the next turn. Earthquake
and Magnitude hit Pokémon on the charge-up turn with double base power,
but still miss if the user is immune to Ground-type moves.



is made invulnerable for one turn, then hits the next turn. Has a 30%
chance to paralyze the target. Sky Uppercut and Thunder have regular
accuracy and base power against a Pokémon in the middle of Bounce. The
base power of Gust and Twister doubles against a Pokémon in the charge
up stage of Bounce.


Shadow Force

User becomes invulnerable, then attacks the next turn. Cannot be stopped by Detect or Protect.

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In Battle Guide
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