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The Terra Region is Heavily forest with dense fields and rolling plains it is a paradise that nevertheless poses a challenge for most trainers.
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 Nozomi Miyaku~~!

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PostSubject: Nozomi Miyaku~~!   Wed May 27, 2009 8:28 pm

Name: Nozomi Miyaku
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Gym town: Warf Town
Name of badge: Clarity Badge
Hair colour: Blue
Eye colour: Blue-green
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 122lbs
Type: Water
Backstory: Nozomi, and her twin brother Thayin, had been born to the eccentric, scientist, Miyoko Miyaku, and the talented Trainer/Pokemon Ranger, Zuo Miyaku. She grew up just merely watching the pokemon that ran free in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City. At the young age of five, she developed the talent of drawing out the many pokemon that she had watched from afar. Which she enjoyed doing very much.

Never really aspiring to become the trainer her Father dreamed she would be, he decided to take her on some of his missions while Thayin stayed and learned every detail that their Mother spewed out of her half-crazed mouth. Indeed it was a thrill to witness her Father do rescue missions and such. At the age of eight, Nozomi accompanied her Father to visit/help Professor Oak. Not really caring for the technical stuff, she went off exploring the town, and the grassy areas that lay ahead. Losing her way was the last thing that was on her curious mind while she manuvered through the tall grass. What seemed like an hours later, a small charmander came busting out of the grass and tackled her to the ground. Pushing it away, her eyes came to find that it was battered and bruised. Before she could console the poor fire-type its trainer came running up and demanding that she return his pokemon. Being the type that hated bullies, Nozomi rushed the boy and beat the snot out of him. He fled not even five minutes later crying and calling for his mommy. Having witnessed the spectacle of her courage, the charmander resolved to stay by her side from that moment on.

Time passed and Nozomi had received her pokedex, and pokeballs, from the Professor. Knowing this, Zuo invited his daughter to accompany him on one last mission before she struck out on her own. The young girl agreed and they set out together, after saying their goodbyes and such. Whilst they went, Zuo explained that they were going on another rescue mission in the Hoenn region. After listening, and absorbing, Nozomi pointed out that the very plave they were heading was indeed the spot where the infamous Mewtwo had been spotted ((She had read, and heard about it on the news.)). Excitement consumed her as they made preparations. Finally arriving at the supposed spot, they began their excursion into the forest area that surrounded the mountains. Seemingly walking forever, the father/daughter pair stopped to rest. Zuo told Nozomi to wait in the spot that had been set up for camp while he scouted ahead. Grudgingly, she had to agree. As she waited for his return, Nozomi dozed off into a mild sleep. She awoke some time later tied up in ropes, and her pokemon stolen. Apparently, her Father had been captured and the poachers came for her as well. The next thing she remembered was her Father valiantly fighting off the men, but unfortunately losing his life when he did. Knowing what was coming next, Nozomi bellowed out a sorrowful cry for help. Feeling that it was hopeless, she squeezed her eyes shut so that she would not have to see her own execution. Suddenly, a calm, masculine voice echoed throughout her head trying to ease her worrying. He explained to her that everything will be alright, and that no harm would come to her. For some reason, she believed it and she relaxed tremendously. Opening her tear-filled eyes, she blinked at seeing a tall figure with glowing purple eyes and a long cat-like tail. The figure nodded to her and all went black.

Awaking once more, she noted that the men had disappeared, or rather, she had. She had somehow ended up near a pokemon center that had been in the little town at the base of the moutain, along with the poachers prey. Her memory had been foggy after that, but to this day she still has nightmares and dreams of her Father being murdered, and the pokemon that had saved her life.

As the years rolled on by, she grew tremendously alongside her beloved team. The young trainer went on to several different regions, Kanto still her favorite, and dominated the gym leader's that stood in her way. During her escapade, she received a letter. This letter, to her surprise, had been an invitation to become the gym leader of Warf Town. As anyone would have guessed, she was astounded. At the time, she had been training her water-types, so she figured what the heck!



Pokemon: Mudkip
Nickname: Mudpuppy
Item: ExpShare
Ability: Torrent
Type: Water
Level: 20
Move list:
-Ice beam

Pokemon: Kingdra
Nickname: Bubby
Item: None
Ability: Sniper
Type: Water/ Dragon
Level: 25
Move list:
-Hydro pump
-Aurora beam

Pokemon: Vaporeon
Nickname: Slick
Item: Shell Bell
Ability: Water absorb
Type: Water
Level: 23
Move list:
-Shadow ball

Pokemon: Huntail
Nickname: Blooper
Item: None
Ability: Swift swim
Type: Water
Level: 23
Move List:
-Ice fang
-Giga impact

Pokemon: Empoleon
Nickname: Gloria
Item: None
Ability: Torrent
Type: Water/ steel
Level: 25
Move List:
-Hydro Cannon
-Aerial ace
-Brick break

With Professor Oak:

Pokemon: Charizard
Nickname: Blastburn
Type: Fire
Level: 89
Move list:

Pokemon: Roserade
Nickname: Pollen
Type: Grass/ poison
Level: 66
Move list:
-Magical leaf
-Mega drain
-Poison jab

Pokemon: Blaziken
Nickname: Chick
Type: Fire/ fighting
Level: 60
Move list:
-Sky uppercut
-Blaze kick
-Brick break
-Aerial ace
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Nozomi Miyaku~~!
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